Microsoft released Windows 8 a few days ago. There were users who loved the new Metro UI interface and other features of the operating system like the Ribbon of Windows Explorer. Other users criticized the new user interface as to tablet and touch centric.

But it seems some Windows 8 users are having issues with the new Metro interface. If you are one of those who are trying to get rid of the new Metro, here is a small application that helps you disable the Metro features such as Ribbon Explorer, Start Screen and Lock Screen. And, if you are trying to get back the good old Start menu, let's try to use this applications. The applications is MetroController.

You can download the applications from the link below.


How to Use MetroController

  • Download the Metro Controller zip file from that link. Extract the zip to get MetroController.exe file with other necessary files required to disable the Metro.
  • Run MetroController.exe file, click Disable all new features button to disable Start screen, Ribbon Explorer and Lock screen.
  • If you would like to disable only Start screen and lock leaving the Ribbon Explorer, click on the second option Disable only Metro features button.